It’s Still Not about the Money

July 9, 2013

This July marks the tenth anniversary since the signing of the first collective agreement between CLAC’s member firefighters and the city of Hamilton, Ontario. An anniversary gives us a chance to reflect on past experiences and revisit some highlights. From 1998 to 2001, the provincial government restructured many of the municipal boundaries in Ontario, causing [...]

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Fare Vs. Fair

June 20, 2013

After three days on the road, I was looking forward to going back to my home in Fort McMurray. I was booked on the six o’clock flight from Edmonton. It bothered me that I wouldn’t be home in time to see my young daughter before bedtime, so I was very excited to discover that they [...]

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Good News! It’s Tax Time Again

March 26, 2013

Life is full of variety, but it’s lived within the familiar cycle of annual routines that characterize the various seasons and events of the year. We’re into spring now, and for many people this is a favourite time of year—except for the annual obligation to file your taxes. I recently read an article about tax [...]

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Reflective Spirit

March 14, 2011

If turning 40 came as a great shock to you, or is looming ominously, wait until you hit 60! I recently reached this milestone, and although I am not usually affected much by birthdays, for some reason this time I was hit by a reflective spirit, forcing me to stop and think about the impact [...]

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