Dick Heinen – Executive Director

Dick has been a CLAC member since 1968 when he joined as a carpenter’s helper—the first step in him eventually becoming a journeyman carpenter. He’s maintained his membership ever since, except for a period of several years when he was the employer himself in a construction company.

Since joining our executive team in 1995, Dick has appreciated being part of providing quality representation that’s respectful of the entire person, instead of only being concerned with the technical parts of collective agreements. As part of our team, he’s engaged in dialogue that gets to the real nature of the problems and found solutions that work long term.

In particular, Dick feels proud about his success as a rep for pipeline members. He found working through five sets of negotiations during both slow and busy years difficult but rewarding. Another highlight was the successes he enjoyed while managing CLAC’s expansion into Fort McMurray.

Today, Dick manages our affairs at the national level, including the activity of our reps and the support structure that serves our members.

Away from the office, Dick has volunteered with many efforts over the years, from helping the disadvantaged to coaching soccer. These days, however, his time is taken up by the needs of his grandchildren and family. As he says, “It’s amazing how often a carpenter is still needed here and there.”

Wayne Prins – Prairies Director

Wayne was first introduced to CLAC in 2001 as an equipment operator working on the Diavik Diamond Mine project in the Northwest Territories. In 2003, after completing a bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies and business administration, he joined CLAC as a representative in the Edmonton office.

In the summer of 2004, Wayne moved to Fort McMurray to open a new CLAC office to support the union’s growing presence in Alberta’s oilsands industry. CLAC’s membership in Fort McMurray quickly grew from approximately 500 members in 2004 to nearly 9,000 members in 2008.

In the fall of 2008, Wayne joined our executive team and was appointed Fort McMurray regional director. Today, he manages the union’s affairs for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

Wayne’s passion for serving CLAC’s membership was cultivated by a deep-rooted respect for the sacrifices that so many CLAC members make to work in Fort McMurray. “Many of our members are forced to work out of town due to a lack of job opportunities near home. They leave for prolonged periods of time to work in Alberta’s far north, enduring some very harsh conditions at times to provide for their families back home.”

Wayne believes that all workers deserve a safe place to work where they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. He is proud to work for a union that believes in a progressive model of cooperative labour relations. Not only does it make the work of a union rep more enjoyable, he has seen firsthand the positive impact it has on the lives of CLAC members. Wayne looks forward to the challenges and opportunities of continuing to serve our members in a leadership role.

David Prentice – BC Director

David is no stranger to helping others. In the fall of 2000, he was recognized for his service as treasurer of a not-for-profit registered agency operating a halfway house in Lethbridge, Alberta, for people struggling with substance abuse.

Around that same time, he joined us at CLAC, drawn by our values of dignity, respect, fairness, and justice, and, as he says it, our “professional representation ethic that considers the long term interest of our members.”

And David walks his talk. For six years, he worked out of our Edmonton office as a rep, serving northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories including the greater Edmonton area, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, and Norman Wells.

He negotiated key agreements for the Fort McMurray region and represented us on the negotiating team for the CNRL Division 8 Horizon Construction Management Limited agreement that covered our members, Building Trade Union members, other union-affiliated members, and open shop employees.

Since relocating to British Columbia in 2009, David’s new role is to oversee our BC operations.

Fortunately, David’s more than ready for the challenge and will continue to draw on his training in labour relations, negotiations, project management, and conflict resolution.

Hank Beekhuis – Ontario Director

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