About Us


Instead of About Us, this page should really be called About You. After all, what’s on the line is all about you—your job, your pay, your benefits, your training, your dignity. Which is exactly what we’re all about.

You’re not alone when it comes to needing someone in your corner to make sure your career—and life—not only keeps going but improves along the way.

You’re also not alone in looking to us for that help. That’s why we’re one of Canada’s fastest growing unions . . . and for good reason.

  • Progressive approach – when we’re negotiating or arbitrating on your behalf, you get to keep working at full pay (that’s right, union doesn’t have to mean strike, although CLAC has—and will—strike . . .but as a last resort)
  • Balanced strength – we’re tough when it’s called for, but without jeopardizing the health of your work environment (your work life isn’t ever just about the issue at hand)
  • Inclusive values – we share your values, because regardless of personal beliefs, today’s workers value social justice, respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace.
  • Valuable training – we provide a growing list of courses that help you advance your skills and career so you can succeed in the workplace of today and tomorrow.
  • Extensive benefits – we provide a comprehensive package of benefits to meet your needs, from health and welfare to retirement programs and more.
  • A real union– we train our stewards and regional reps to give you the support and advocacy you need through a network of 33 locals across Canada.

The Value You Gain

By choosing us as your union, you’re really choosing to gain improved wages and benefits through the positive bargaining climate we’ll establish with your employer.

You’re choosing to have your job protected, not to mention having yourself protected from unfair work practices.

You’re choosing to have your seniority defended when you transition to a new job; to remain actively employed by taking advantage of our Career Services; to have a national team help you find work (or help employers find you).

You’re choosing to be represented by a union that’s consistently there to get you what you need . . . without risking what you already have.

Isn’t it time you joined the thousands of workers benefiting from the CLAC difference?

Call one of our knowledgeable reps today toll free at 1–800–268–5281 or use the links below to learn more:

  • Executive leadership – Meet the people who stand up for your rights
  • Quick facts – Get the information you need about us at a glance
  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions about CLAC and unions