Running Scared

by Dick Heinen on February 25, 2011

A couple of years from now, CLAC will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a nationwide stewards conferece in Vancouver.  We anticipate that 600 stewards will put down their regular jobs for a few days to participate in celebrating the fact that Canada has had a responsible alternative labour union for a very long time.  they will be there to learn the principles of modern unionism, which emphasize a cooperative parternship with management that works together to build workplaces that are communities of success, productivity, and well-being.

CLAC’s brand of unionism has been going on for many years without a lot of fanfare, yet our quality representation has really caught on with workers.  CLAC has almost doubled in size since its 50th anniversaary stewards conference in 2002.

This growth has some unions running scare.  The BC Federation of Labour is lashing out at CLAC by asking th ITUC to  have CLAC expelled.  ITUC was formed in 2006, and CLAC is a founding member.

The BC Fed is lashing out because it feels threatened.  It feels threatened because more and more workers, are switching from Old Labour unions and making CLAC their union of choice.  It falsely claims that CLAC doesn’t act like a union.

Unbelievable!  When will Old Labour realize that the only way our society will solve its economic woes is by working together, putting away the outdated class struggle mentality, and jointly putting our shoulders to the plow?  I’m not one to throw mud, but there have been enough documented shenanigans in the backyard of Old Labour unions that they have little credibility left.

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